Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Is your Check Engine light on? Has it been on for a while, but you haven’t, for whatever reason, had it checked? Bring your vehicle to King’s and let us diagnose the issue.

Leaving your check engine light on is akin to knowing you are ill, potentially seriously, and not seeking treatment. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but that little light is on for a reason. Even if the issue doesn’t affect driveability, doesn’t mean it can’t lead to more serious problems later.

As an example I present: The Oxygen Sensor! There are at least 2 of these on most vehicles, some have up to 4. If just one of these sensors is not reading correctly it can effect your fuel trim (fuel to air ratio), can cause stalling issues and rough running to name a few. Long term issues can cause catalytic converter failure which in turn can cause the vehicle to become undriveable.

King’s Garage only uses high quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style oxygen sensors, never a ‘universal fit’. This ensures that your vehicle is getting the proper sensors made for your vehicle’s specifications, not a general purpose unit.

That said, the oxygen sensor is just one of a myriad of things that can set off the Check Engine light. Sometimes it is just as simple as removing your gas cap and putting it on correctly. We won’t know until we look, and in the end, it can save you a ton of cash!

A final word on the Check Engine light. If your light is red stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe and turn the engine off. A red light means loss of oil pressure or other major/catastrophic engine failure.

Vehicle warning or indicator lights are not new but what these lamps are telling us has changed along with vehicle technology. The following list is by no means comprehensive, and the indicator images are not necessarily universal (automakers do differ so the owner’s manual should always be consulted), but these should provide a fair cross section as to what may appear on a vehicle’s dash.

Check Engine Light

Be safe out there folks and remember, King’s Garage is here for you.

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